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Appointment Policy:

A 24-hour notice is required and appreciated for all cancellations. Missed appointments are subject to a charge that you will be responsible for, as a broken appointment may keep someone else from receiving treatment.

Phone Policy: Your call is very important to us. Every effort is made to return your routine call quickly, however the doctor will address all calls of non-urgent nature at the end of that business day.

Medication Policy: In an effort to decrease the number of telephone requests for prescriptions, it is our policy that you bring ALL of your medications with you to each visit. Prescription refill requests should be made during normal business hours, and again, will be addressed by the doctor at the end of the day.

Referral Services: We encourage you to be aware of your insurance policy. If you have an HMO that requires written referrals, we remind you that ALL non-emergent referrals take 5-7 business days to process.
Dr. Dowie will not authorize any referral without previous evaluation in regards to the complaint. Please do not call and request, “phone referrals.”

Payment Policy: We desire to make treatment available to all who desire help. Payment is expected at the time of the visit, however when applicable, we will file Health insurance, Worker’s Compensation, and accident-related claims. Any co-payments and or percent not covered is due at the time services are rendered. There is a $25 Non-sufficient funds charge for ALL bounced checks.

Lab and X-ray Results Policy: We DO NOT routinely call in regards to normal lab results, unless there is a problem that may need to be discussed. We appreciate your concern regarding the results of your tests, but ask that you assist us in limiting calls to the office by e-mailing your requests or ensuring that you have a scheduled appointment to review the results with the doctor.



You have the right to…

  • Be treated with dignity and respect by your healthcare provider.
  • Understand your illness.
  • Be told about the treatment your provider advises before it is done.
  • Refuse treatment to the extent of the law and to be told of the outcome.
  • Talk to your provider and expect that your records and conversations will be kept private.
  • Choose your own doctor or health care center. However, with Medipass or many HMO’s, if you do not make a selection, one will be chosen for you.
  • Change your provider to another affiliated physician with your insurance.
  • Obtain medical services within a reasonable timely fashion.
  • Understand your medical insurance policy.
  • Know of all medical services covered by your insurance.
  • Know if medical treatment is for purposes of experimental research, and give your consent or refusal to participate.
  • Access your medical records in a timely manner.
  • Make a complaint about your insurance, and be notified of the outcome.
    a. Medipass: 1-800-342-0825
    b. HMO Hotline: 1-800-226-1062


You have the responsibility to…

  • Carry your identification card/insurance card with you at all times and present it at each visit. You should notify us of any address, telephone, or insurance changes, even if these changes are only temporary.
  • Give your health care provider complete and accurate information needed in order to care for you, be honest and open with your physician and report unexpected changes in your condition in a timely fashion.
  • Schedule appointments, arrive on time for scheduled visits, and notify your health care provider if you must cancel or be late for an appointment.
  • Obtain and carefully consider all information you may need in order to give informed consent for a procedure or treatment.
  • Follow the treatment plan agreed on with your health care provider, and to weigh the potential consequences of any refusal to observe those instructions or recommendations.
  • Read and be aware of all materials distributed by your insurance plan explaining policies and procedures regarding services and benefits.
  • Obtain authorization from your primary care physician PRIOR to seeking specialty or emergency services, except in potentially life-threatening situations.
  • Be considerate and cooperative in dealing with the plan providers and to respect the rights of fellow plan members.
  • Pay all co-payments and/or premiums by the date when they are due.